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Single A is a theme conceived by Storyware. This is our demo site.
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Single A Version 1.4

A new version of Single A has been released. If you haven’t customized the theme, you should have the update. It’s full of new features and bug fixes.

One feature that we wanted to call your attention to is the integration with a new service named Bubuti. Bubuti is a free, easy-to-use donation platform designed to help bloggers and content creators raise funds for causes and non-profits. It’s designed to empower bloggers to do more with their blog than raise awareness.

Single A has been updated so that you can use Bubuti. Watch the video above for a short explanation on how it works.

We here at Storyware are launching our own act to support Mended Little Hearts of Charlottesville.

We hope you will give Bubuti a try on Single A.

The latest version of Single A is out. Your blog will be updated automatically unless you have customized it.

The theme now supports the latest Spotify embed that Tumblr rolled out last week. Enjoy and thanks for using Single A!