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Single A is a theme conceived by Storyware. This is our demo site.
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Single A Version 1.4

A new version of Single A has been released. If you haven’t customized the theme, you should have the update. It’s full of new features and bug fixes.

One feature that we wanted to call your attention to is the integration with a new service named Bubuti. Bubuti is a free, easy-to-use donation platform designed to help bloggers and content creators raise funds for causes and non-profits. It’s designed to empower bloggers to do more with their blog than raise awareness.

Single A has been updated so that you can use Bubuti. Watch the video above for a short explanation on how it works.

We here at Storyware are launching our own act to support Mended Little Hearts of Charlottesville.

We hope you will give Bubuti a try on Single A.

The latest version of Single A is out. Your blog will be updated automatically unless you have customized it.

The theme now supports the latest Spotify embed that Tumblr rolled out last week. Enjoy and thanks for using Single A!

Version 1.2.1 fixes an issue related to audio and video posts when used as the sticky post or within featured posts. Your blog will be automatically updated unless you have customized your theme.

Thanks for using Single A!

We just submitted a bunch of enhancements and bug fixes to Tumblr for our next version of Single A. We will update this post when it has been approved. It was approved!

All of the changes were based on your feedback. Thanks for using Single A!

Our very own Gary Cope helps run this Virginia Tech blog that doubles as the Office of University Development’s office website.

We think it’s a great example of our Single A theme in action. We especially like their use of Single A’s sticky post and featured tag.

How are you using Single A?

We pushed a new version of Single A live last night, but there is an issue that we are working on fixing. Video posts are not rendering correctly within the featured posts section.

We will let you know when the new version is out with a fix. We are sorry for the error.

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved in version 1.1.4.

Single A Examples: Mr. B’s 6th Grade Class!

We’re liking Mr. B’s use of our Single A theme to keep students and parents of his 6th grade class up-to-date with homework assignments, classroom news, and other noteworthy notes and pictures. He’s taken advantage of our sticky post feature, which allows him to “stick” the latest homework assignment at the top the of page, so it’s the first thing visitors see when they come to the blog. We only wish our 6th grade teachers had been so savvy. Stay cool, Mr. B!

How are you using Single A? We want to know!

What social media sites would you like us to add in the next version of Single A?

The Single A tumblr theme introduces two new features: the sticky post and featured posts. It is a simple, but super customizable free theme.

Sticky Post

With Single A you have the ability to “stick” one post at the top of your blog regardless of the date and time of the post.

Here’s a video explaining how you create a sticky post.

Let’s say you always want to display at the top of your blog:

  • An “About Me” post
  • Your most recent original long-form blog post
  • An introductory video
  • A quote that you live by, or
  • An advertisement

The sticky post feature allows you to do any of these things. With the sticky tag you can highlight whatever you want in your blog’s top spot.

Here’s how you set it up: In the appearance options, define the sticky tag and use that tag on the post that you would like to always display at the top of your blog. The most recent blog post with the sticky tag will always appear at the top.

Featured Posts/Tag

The featured tag enables you to display the five most recent posts of a specific tag in the right sidebar. Similar in layout to the Likes display, the featured tag display allows bloggers to display their five most recent original articles, musicians or music lovers to display their five most recent audio tracks, or photographers to display their five most recent photographs. In short, it’s designed to give you an opportunity to highlight your featured posts long after they have fallen off the first page of your blog.

To enable the featured tag, all you have to do within the appearance options is:

  • Insert a tag in the featured tag text box
  • Use that tag on at least one post
  • Define the label for the featured heading

The sticky post and featured tag are just two of the many features that Single A offers.

You can add social media links; control the color of several styles; upload a custom logo or image; display likes, recent tweets, and group blog features; and incorporate the Disqus commenting platform and Google Analytics.


Feel free to ask us questions, give us feedback and feature requests by emailing us at

Making Good Trailer: by Squid and Beard

Making Good is a series, of three minute documentary profiles, that pulls from the wide variety of people who make up the communities around us. As a whole, these pieces come together to represent the diverse range of passionate doers and creators that influence our daily lives. Individually, these pieces are reflections of those influencers as they share about the processes and impact of their work. Each piece is a brief look into the ideas and emotions that guide people who are doing the work they love, or “Making Good.”

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